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The Furmats Group furnishes quality industrial products across major industries, with prime focus on supply of Furnace Materials.

In-line with aim to serve patrons as a Single Stop Shop, Furmats hosts multiple industrial products including Ferro Alloys, Metallics (like Sponge Iron, Pig Iron), Carbon Products (like Calcined Petroleum Coke, Met Coke, Graphite granules), Minerals, Fluxes, Steel Products (like Ingots, Billets).

The group boasts tie-ups with leading manufacturers of Refractories, Thermal insulation, Welding & Cutting Solutions, Abrasives, Iron & Alloys Powder, Acid Proof Solutions. Refractories, i.e., Refractory Fire Bricks, Refractory Castables, Mortars, Ramming Mass are offered from best of manufacturing setups.  Likewise, key concern of today, that is Energy Savings is addressed through offering premium Ceramic Fibre Solutions (Ceramic Fibre Blankets, Ceramic Fiber Boards, Ceramic Fibre Papers), Rockwool Insultation (Slabs, Wired Mats), HYSIL (Calcium Silicate Blocks and Pipes Sections) are hosted by Furmats with aim to be the single Window solutions provider for all major industries.

Commencing operations over three decades back, the group’s local presence in the major states in North India (i.e., states of Delhi, Rajasthan) through its local branches ensures that all the needs of its esteemed customers is taken care of with timely supply of Quality materials.

Area of operations covers multiple states of Northern, Central, and Eastern India with years of relations with our associates (customers as well as suppliers). For reaching out the customers in multiple regions more efficiently, apart from branch in West Bengal (Kolkata), further branches are contemplated including in West (at Ahmedabad).

The group enjoys unique advantage of tie-ups with leading manufacturers of the sub continent which are of world repute helping it serve its customers with best of products and solutions.

Furmats offers Refractories Thermal Insulation & Ferro Alloys Fire Bricks Ramming Mass Rockwool Ceramic Fibre Hysil Refractory Solution



Paper Industry

Glass Industry

Ceramic Industry

Fertilizer Industry

Petro-Chemical Industry


Refractories are ceramic materials designed to withstand high temperatures, used to line the hot surfaces found inside many industrial processes. Furmats offer entire Range of Refractories, classified in various ways, including Raw materials (like Magnesite, High Alumina, Silica, Dolomite), Shapes (Shaped items like Fire Bricks as well as unshaped monolithic options like Ramming Masses, Castables, Mortars are there), application etc..

Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation plays a very vital role in today’s environment, especially considering ever increase cost of energy as well as role of industry in protecting environment. From technically proven products like Rockwool Insulation (Rockwool Slabs, Rockwool Pipe Sections, Rockwool Wire Mats), Calcium Silicate Insulation (popularly known as HYSILHysil Blocks, Hysil pipe-sections), Alumino Silicate Ceramic Fibre Solutions (Ceramic Fiber Blankets, Ceramic Fiber Boards, Ceramic Fibre Textiles like Ceramic Fibre Ropes, Tapes), Ceramic Fibre Paper, Micro Porous Insulation (like Microporous Boards etc)  are options available with Furmats from best of manufacturing facilities..

Ferro Alloys

Ferro Alloys, being one of most vital raw materials used for Steel Manufacturing remains one of flagship products being offered by Furmats. All kind of Bulk Ferro Alloys like Ferro Silicon, Ferro Manganese, Silico Manganese, Ferro Chrome, as well as Noble Ferro Alloys like Ferro Molybdenum, Ferro Niobium, LC Ferro Chrome, Ferro Vanadium, Ferro Titanium are being made available by Furmats on both Ex Works and Ex Warehouse basis…


Premium quality Metallics products like Sponge Iron, Pig Iron are being offered from production units know for both quantity and quality production

Crbon Products

Carbon Products like CPC (Calcined Petroleum Coke), Met Coke, Nut Coke, Graphite Products like Graphite Granules etc are available, mainly for application in Iron & Steel Industry


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