Heavy Duty Hand Cutting Torches



Cuts up to 700 mm are no problem for our heavy duty hand cutting torches type SMB. Whether cutting ingots, billets or slabs of cast steel or forged parts of unalloyed or low alloyed steels or when cutting up steel scrap: the heavy duty cutting torches type SMB from Messer Cutting Systems master these tasks excellently. Messer’s heavy duty hand cutting torches are available both in various designs – straight or angled cutting head – and in various lengths, suitable for every one of your applications.

Their comprehensive accessory range, such as skids or torch carriages, make the work easier for you and complete our heavy duty hand cutting torches product range. If you also want to cut stainless steels of cast iron then a powder cutting attachment can be retrofitted. 

Messer’s comprehensive product program offers you various possibilities for heavy duty cutting whether with or without the use of powder.