Powder Hand Cutting Torches



For stainless and heat resisting steels as well as for cast iron, cutting without the addition of iron powder is not easily possible. By blowing iron powder into the flame with compressed air the cutting temperature is increased and thus allows material to be parted. Messer Cutting Systems also offers you different solutions for this: messer hand powder cutting torch AC 41 with integrated powder feed or their heavy duty hand cutting torches from the SMB range with an additional, external powder nozzle of powder head. Both heavy duty cutting torch types are suitable for the combination of Oxygen Acetylene or for Propane, Methane or MAPP with Oxygen and just differ in the nozzles used. This makes it possible to change the fuel gas at any time. They also offer our powder cutting torches in various designs and lengths. Their comprehensive accessory program, such as circle trammel bars or torch carriages, also makes the work easier for you.

Messer’s comprehensive Product range offers you various possibilities to execute heavy duty cutting, whether with or without the addition of powder.