MET COKE (Metallurgical coke)

met coke

Met Coke or “Metallurgical coke” is a carbon residual-material made or manufactured by the “destructive distillation” or “carbonization” of various blends of bituminous coal, a type of coal which is a soft, medium grade containing a high percentage of volatile components. The coal is often referred to as coking coal or metallurgical coal, that is, coal processed to be become Met Coke. Metallurgical coal is found in large quantities in Asian and Far Eastern countries like India and China. Large reserves have also been found in Turkey with small quantities in United States too.

Met Coke (Metallurgical coke) Properties

The resulting or finalized product is a stable non-melting carbon solid called metallurgical coke or Met Coke , comprising mainly of carbon. Due to the loss of volatile gases and partial melting process, Met Coke has an open, porous structure and may appear glassy in some varieties. It has also a low volatile content or rather low waste product content due to the heat treatment process received. However, the “ash” constituents, that were part of the original bituminous coal feed stock, remain intact in the finished product. Met Coke is available in a wide range of sizes; from fine powder (30 mm) to basketball-sized lumps (20 cm). The purity ranges from 88-92% of fixed carbon. One ton of coal yields approximately 0.7 ton of coke.

Met Coke Use
Because Met Coke has a stable burning temperature, producing little or no smoke, it is used as one of the main ingredients for steel production. It is used primarily for the reduction of iron ore in blast furnaces, fuelling blast furnaces that smelt or reduce iron ore and other bearing materials , acting both as a source of heat and as a chemical reducing agent to produce pig iron ( also known as hot metal). Pig iron is then used to produce steel. More than 90% of the metcoke produced is used in the iron and steel industries.

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