• Protection from unwanted noise can have a positive effect on our physiology, learning capacity and social behaviour. ROCKWOOL Insulation offered by FURMATS have Superb Acoustic capabilities as they are of high-density, which makes them extremely resistant to airflow and excellent at noise reduction and sound absorption, meaning that even the nosiest infrastructure sounds quieter..
  • ROCKWOOL products has a melting point above 1000°C. ROCKWOOL products withstand temperatures up to 1000°C, making them exceptionally resistant to fire. This resistance properties of Fire resistant materials offered by Furmats can slow a fire’s progress and buy precious time for rescue operations while helping to protect the building’s structure from unnecessary damage. Yet while heat and flames are bad enough in a fire, smoke is the serious danger. It can suffocate occupants, and it can incapacitate people who might otherwise have been able to escape. ROCKWOOL insulation keeps toxic smoke from insulation to a minimum, for even greater safety for the occupants during fire accident.
  • All ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation solutions offered by FURMATS meet the most stringent quality & safety standards. Both in the process industry and in the marine & offshore industry, the stone wool products offer the highest possible protection against heat and energy loss, fire, noise and other unwanted influences.
  • Stonewools Material offered by FURMATS gives tremendous advantages in form of ENERGY Conservation through reduction in Thermal Losses, for various applications as products offered by has the lowest Thermal Conductivity in class.
  • MultiLocation branches & Warehousing of FURMATS Group companies allows maximum comfort to its customers needing different materials and in least possible time. Rockwool Insulation for Power, Iron & Steel, Non Ferrous, Cement industries is often offered on Ex Plant Roxul Rockwool Dahej (Gujarat) basis
  • Furmats boasts strong Marketing Teams present for ensuring customers are constantly reached out for their requirements and feedbacks, and our team under technical guidance of Roxul Rockwool Delhi NCR based rep., tries reaching out with most appropriate, cost effective thermal insulation solutions for meeting the client needs..
  • Multiple Product Dealings of Furmats Group also helps our clients get advantage of dealing with us a Single stop solutions provider, as the best of Thermal Insulation (Rockwool (Stonewool) Insulation from Roxul Rockwool (Rockwool Slabs, Rockwool Pipe Sections, Rockwool Wired Mats), Ceramic Fibre from MMTCL, HYSIL (Hysil Blocks & Hysil Pipe Sections) from HIL LTD), Refractories (Refractory Fire Bricks & Refractory Castables from TRL Krosaki Refractories), Welding and Cutting systems from Messer Cutting, Metal Powders from Hoganas, Abrasives from CUMI, Welding electrodes (from Voestalpine Bohler Wedling ) are available under same roof with FURMATS.
  • Furmats boasts today over Three Decades of Client Trust winning Services experience. The group now has over thirty years of strong relationships with its major associates, vendors as well as clients. Trust we have earned, is amongst the biggest of assets we boast today!
  • Furmats enjoy great rapport with the customers as we have maintained our policy of “Serving our clients with utmost attention on Quality and Reliability” – as part of our “CUSTOMER FIRST APPROACH“…
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