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TRL Krosaki Refractories Limited takes pride in its state-of-the-art plants that manufacture various Flow control products including slide plates, nozzles, porous plugs, tundish nozzles, seating block, and well blocks, which are extensively used in Steel Melting Shop. The plants are well-equipped with modern equipment and infrastructure to manufacture high-quality products. Different special monolithics are also there for seating blocks, well block fixing, mortar for slide plates, nozzle installations, mortars for slide plate cassetting etc.

Apart from infrastructure, TRL Krosaki uses all important raw materials like WTA, WFA, Al2O3 – Al2MgO4 spinel, calcined and reactive alumina, zirconia – mullite, zircon, high alumina cement, different additives, binders etc. which are procured from world famous suppliers like M/s Almatis, M/s Kerneos. M/s IRE, M/s Alteo etc.

To ensure best quality and consistent products, TRL Krosaki has a Total Quality Management System (TQMS) in place. Different check points are there to ensure the best quality of materials before dispatch.

TRL Krosaki Belpahar Flow Control plant capacity is 670MT per month

Facilities at their Belpahar unit

  • 2500 T vacuum press
  • 550 T Automated Hydraculor Press
  • Muller mixer
  • Tunnel kiln
  • Autoclave – 15TPD capacity
  • High temperature (>700°C) furnace for tempering

their Branded products are

  • TRL LS 50
  • TRL AL80
  • TRL SN 85F
  • TRL 45
  • TRL LS70
  • TRL AL90
  • TRL GRF 98SP
  • TRL LS 90
  • TRL ZRN 60
  • TRL ULCC 75
  • TRL SMA-90K
  • TRL AL 50
  • TRL ZRN 75
  • TRL ULCC 90
  • TRL SMA-70K
  • TRL AL60
  • TRL SP85CA
  • TRL 70B